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I C H I G O  100%

Manaka Junpei, a student who dreams of making a movie, goes up to his school's roof and is suddenly surprised when a girl drops in front of him. Manaka is so stunned, he cannot remember anything about her except her strawberry panties. In his quest to find this girl, he finds himself confessing to Nishino Tsukasa, the beauty of the school, believing it was her panties he saw, while remaining clueless about the smart girl who seems to like him... (thanks to Yananime! ^_^)

Story & Art by Mizuki Kawashita
Total number of volumes: 19
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shounen
Publisher: Shueisha

Running time: 24 minutes
Number of episodes: 12 + 5 OVAs, 1 special
Studio: Madhouse Production
Character Design: Nakahara Kiyotaka
Director: Sekita Osamu