~ W E L C O M E

 ...to the official fanlisting for the song LADY MARMALADE  performed by the fabulous collaboration of Christina Aguilera,
 Lil Kim, Mya and P!nk.
Feel free to look around and, if you're a  fan, join the listing.

  JANUARY 24, 2010 (no members joined)
  Online since: March 12, 2007
  Total Members: 45
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~ R U L E S

 1. Of course you must be a fan of the song "Lady Marmalade"
 2. Must put the code before joining ( if you have a website).  When I will check your site, if I won't find the code, I will added  you without your website url.
 3. Upload the code on your own server. No direct linking,  please!
 4. You really don't need a site to join, but you must sign up with  a valid email address.
 5. In the join form don't forget to fill in your country too, ok?
 6. Please use a sensible name or nickname
 7. No racism, porn or any other antisites

~ C O D E S

 Here are the codes for your website. If you take one, please  save and upload it on your own space/server and link back to  this site. You may also use a text link or a code made by  yourself. Donations are always welcome!


 50 x 50


 75 x 50

Thanks Ilaria for these wonderful codes!

 100 x 35


~ J O I N

 Before join, don't forget to read the rules and put up a code.

 If you have had anything changed since you last joined, then  please resubmit and in the comments box, please give me your  Member ID number and tell me that you're resubmitting.


~ M E M B E R S

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